'Todd being the best Todd' is in number 10 role - Cantwell

Todd Cantwell admits he was pleased with Philippe Clement moving him to his preferred number 10 role, after initially being utilised out wide.

The change of position resulted in stronger form from the Englishman prior to his injury and although "happy to play wherever" his manager wants him, insists that is where he can be at his strongest.

"I was pleased with that [moving back to the number 10 role]," Cantwell said. "For me, it’s my best position. When it comes to Todd being the best Todd I think it’s in that position.

"However, as a 26-year-old in a very good team you need to be able to play different positions, I think that’s important. You see that globally.

"I’m happy to play wherever the manager will play me, but do I believe that’s my best position? Yes."

Rangers have the chance to climb top of the table with a win against Hibs on Saturday and put pressure on Celtic for their game on Sunday against Livingston.

Cantwell says all focus is on Saturday's game, despite a potentially crucial Old Firm on the horizon next weekend.

"We need to win every game we play now," he said. "It’s as simple as that. We’ve got to expect they’ll try to do the exact same thing. That should provide quite a good game next weekend because both teams want and need to win it.

"If we don’t concentrate on the task ahead of us tomorrow we’d be absolutely furious with ourselves that we were looking past it."