Tobias Harris gives thoughts on Sixers sending Jaden Springer to Celtics

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia 76ers made a bit of a peculiar decision at the deadline to send third-year guard Jaden Springer to the Boston Celtics for a second-round pick.

It makes sense in the moment as the Sixers are looking to contend for a title, and Springer still needs more time to develop, but to send him to a fellow title contender in the East is a bit surprising. Especially, when considering everything he has shown in his brief career as having the potential to lock down elite scorers on the defensive end.

Tobias Harris, who has always been a vocal guy and has taken younger players under his wing, gave his thoughts on the Sixers trading Springer and the impact he can have on any team.

“He’s gonna make a great impact,” Harris said. “Sad to see him go. That’s been my young fella ever since Tennessee. He’s gonna be in a great situation over there. I think everybody got to see really how great of a defensive player he’s going to be. Just by us playing last few games he played, but I’m excited to see him get opportunity over there and showcase what he can do.”

Springer’s offensive game still needs a ton of work. His 3-point shooting is still a problem when he’s on the floor. Teams don’t pay attention to him from the perimeter and he needs to work on his ball-handling, but defensively, he has so much potential to be an All-Defensive Team player in the future.

He also has a work ethic that will help propel him even further in this league.

“Every year he was here, he put in a lot of work, a lot of time to improve his game and made great improvements on it,” Harris finished. “He’s gonna be a very good player in the NBA.”

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire