MLB Podcast: To plunk or not to plunk? Beanballs, bat flips & MLB's unwritten rules

Yahoo Sports Staff

Yahoo Sports’ Hannah Keyser, Tim Brown & Chris Cwik are back to weigh in on the latest MLB storylines, including Tim Anderson’s bat flip heard ‘round the world, and Brad Keller's beanball that followed (2:00); Is it ever ok for a pitcher to throw at a player? (8:00); What punishment from MLB would deter pitchers from intentionally drilling hitters? (15:00); Should players be policing themselves - and their teammates? (22:00);

Tim ponders why Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire has only used ONE pinch-hitter so far this season (29:00);

The Yankees have a LOT of injuries - how many players in their lineup can you name? (33:00);

Are the Mets mis-managing an injury situation AGAIN? (39:00);

Plus, what we’re sure of… and what we’re not so sure of after four weeks of baseball. (41:00).

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