TMRW Sports changes plans for TGL, to build steel venue, per report

The TGL is going to have an upgraded venue when it begins in January 2025.

TMRW Sports is building an updated structure before the TGL launches next year, according to the Sports Business Journal. The league postponed its initial launch plans after the competition bubble at the SoFi Center at Palm Beach State College in Florida was damaged in November.

TMRW Sports has plans to build a structure with insulated steel walls and a steel-supported roof, according to SBJ. Seating capacity isn’t expected to change, and the dimensions of the facility will also remain similar. The full footprint for SoFi Center’s plaza is 250,000 square feet, while the venue footprint itself is 150,000 square feet.

The newly built SoFi Center will be rated to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, whereas the air-supported venue that was damaged in November was only rated to withstand a Category 4.

“TMRW Sports was pleased to have the opportunity to provide an update on its plan for constructing the upgraded venue using improved design elements and materials,” a TMRW Sports spokesperson said in a statement to Golfweek. “The College is performing their duty and asking the right questions as part of a standard due diligence process.

“Our aim is to create a venue that the College and Palm Beach communities, as well as our fans and partners, will enjoy visiting for years to come. This is part of the process, and we are appreciative of both our wide-ranging partnership with Palm Beach State College and their agreement to create a special March meeting date ahead of their regularly scheduled meeting on April 16.”

SBJ reported TMRW Sports co-founder Mike McCarley made a presentation to Palm Beach State College’s Board of Trustees in February looking for an amendment to the lease for the facility, and the group is scheduled to vote on it next Tuesday or Friday, according to its website.

Construction on the venue could begin as soon as the college’s BOT approves the plan. Construction on the venue is not expected to impact TGL’s planned launch date of January 2025.

Story originally appeared on GolfWeek