Titans’ Sean Murphy-Bunting signing could net the Bucs a compensatory draft pick

The full contract details of Sean Murphy-Bunting’s deal with the Titans has been revealed, and it could net the Tampa Bay Buccaneers an extra draft pick.

Over the Cap reported that Murphy-Bunting’s contract is worth $3.5 million, and as FOX Sports’ Greg Auman pointed out, that number could potentially get the Bucs a compensatory draft pick — the keyword, though, is potentially.

The actual formula for how a compensatory draft pick is handed out is unknown, but it’s based on a few different factors. Playing time, average value postseason awards all factor into it, and in this case, Murphy-Bunting’s value from his contract could be enough to warrant that pick. His playing time would be a bit dicier, as injuries have kept him sidelined for the last two years.

If the Bucs were to get that pick, it would be a seventh-round draft pick, but it’s not entirely clear if Murphy-Bunting’s case would be enough. Time will tell though, and time will also tell how the Bucs will replace him on the field for 2023.

Story originally appeared on Buccaneers Wire