Titans GM Jon Robinson admits that not everyone on team is wearing a mask

With the Tennessee Titans slated to return to the field following a COVID-19 outbreak, general manager Jon Robinson addressed the chaos in Nashville on Monday.

He told reporters that the team has “taken this thing extremely serious.” He then admitted that not everyone on the team has been wearing a mask.

“As far as the masks are concerned, it's been a — we've been fairly compliant,” Robinson said, per “To say that we're 100 percent would be a false statement. There's certainly been some inconsistencies there.”

Robinson then went on to note that he has heard that other teams are struggling with mask compliance.

“I've talked to several other GMs during this time, who have reached out to me and just checked on us and how we're doing and my family, because they know my personal situation,” Robinson continued. “They face some of the same things we've faced with masks.

“We're constantly reminding players. That's been one of the more challenging things.”

Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson listens to a question during an NFL football news conference Monday, Jan. 15, 2018, in Nashville, Tenn. The Titans split with head coach Mike Mularkey on Monday after he revived a team with the NFL's worst record over two seasons and led them to their first playoff victory in 14 years. The Titans announced the move two days after a 35-14 loss to New England in the AFC divisional round. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)
Jon Robinson said that the Titans are taking COVID-19 "very serious," then admitted that not everyone is wearing a mask. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Titans slated for first game since outbreak

While other teams have struggled with mask compliance, they haven’t faced a COVID-19 outbreak that resulted in at least 24 reported positive cases and prompted an overhaul of the NFL schedule.

The Titans reportedly recorded a positive COVID-19 test as recently as Sunday. That case involved a team staffer. So they’re still scheduled to face the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday for their first game since the COVID-19 outbreak struck the team on Sept. 29.

Titans GM acknowledges NFL investigation

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson reported last week that the NFL is expected to hand down punishment to the Titans for breaking league COVID-19 protocols. That same day, news broke that several Titans players reportedly held an unsanctioned workout away from team facilities after they were shut down because of the outbreak.

The Titans GM acknowledged on Monday that the NFL has been conducting an investigation that involved talking to every player and coach on the team as well as himself.

"We haven't had any punishment yet, but it has been frustrating,” Robinson said. “I've tried — I haven't looked at all the stuff that's out there. I'm sure it's probably not nice.”

Through it all, Robinson insists that the Titans are taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously.

"Since the start of this COVID outbreak back in March, we've taken this thing extremely serious. We say it all the time, but the health and safety of our players and our coaches and our staff and their families, all of that is the most important thing.”

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