Titans’ Chig Okonkwo details ‘more relaxed’ and ‘free’ atmosphere

We’ve seen Tennessee Titans players who were around for the Mike Vrabel era note different changes they’ve seen between previous years and this one, and tight end Chigoziem Okonkwo is the latest to weigh-in.

After the second open session of OTAs on Wednesday, Okonkwo said the players are “just more relaxed” and “free,” both in the locker room and on the field.

“I feel guys are just more relaxed now with our building,” Chig said. “I feel like guys come in and they’re not as tense, not as stressed out and it allows people to be a lot more free in the locker room. I mean, we were always free in the locker room but there’s a lot more freedom on the field. I think we’re going to see a lot of that this year.”

When asked to give an example of how things are more free, Chig said, “I feel like just coming in and being yourself. Not feeling like you need to minimize yourself and what you’re doing. Just coming in and fully being you.”

Chig was then asked to explain what he would attribute that to.

“It’s just different cultures,” he replied. “Right now, we’re seeing a new culture, the way we do things is a lot more on us players to get going. I feel like us having ownership of that has been a big thing to help us be more free.”

Understandably, this is going to be taken as a knock on the culture that Vrabel created during his tenure in Nashville. Vrabel was definitely pro-player, but apparently not to the level we thought.

Story originally appeared on Titans Wire