Tired puppy 'fights sleep' after first time playing outside

This adorable puppy tuckered herself out after her first time playing outside. This poor pup, named Emmy Lou, got a taste of what it's like to seriously tucker yourself out after a long day of fun. A clip of the tiny canine was uploaded to Reddit's "Aww" forum by @downriverrowing, where it racked up 97,000 upvotes. The small puppy had made her way home but was so exhausted that she could barely keep her body upright even while sitting down. The dog then plopped onto the floor, unable to keep her eyes open. Finally, she curled into a ball on the rug. Emmy Lou was officially all played out. Redditors were smitten by what many speculated to be a beagle or basset hound. "I refuse to believe that’s a real dog. Something that perfect cannot actually exist," someone commented. "I would trade or do anything to be so content and peaceful for just a minute," a person added

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