Timely NBA ‘Gangnam Style’ spoof showdown: Golden State Warriors vs. Orlando Magic (VIDEOS)

Ball Don't Lie

You guys have probably not heard about it, because it is not a very big deal on the Internet or in popular culture yet, but there's this song called "Gangnam Style" by a Korean pop artist named PSY that is pretty catchy and has a cute dance associated with it. Watching it is a pretty decent way to spend a few minutes, even though you're probably going to have to really devote a lot of time to scouring search engines like Yahoo! and video sites like Yahoo! Screen if you want to find it.

Once you have become one of the bold Internet archeologists to unearth that rare, precious gem of a clip, you will possess the requisite knowledge to gauge which solidly-ahead-of-the-curve NBA franchise's web team did a better job of co-opting/adapting "Gangnam Style" as a promotional tool — the Golden State Warriors, led by noted hype man Franco Finn, or the Orlando Magic, led by noted dragon Stuff.

First, the Dubs:

Next, the Magic:

Hmm. I mean, personally, I'm having a tough time deciding — that could just be because I haven't seen very many parodies/spoofs/re-imaginings of "Gangnam Style" as of Sept. 27, 2012, though. The Warriors' version includes the subway car sequence that we all enjoyed in the original; the Magic's version includes a man in a hot dog suit going down a slide. Two very strong competitors, obviously.

My gut tells me to go with the Warriors, less because I am especially in love with their presentation (although they did a wonderful job), but more because the Orlando version features a dude in a banana costume sitting on top of a basketball hoop, and I don't think I need some off-brand Bananaman in my life when I've already got the version from "The Chris Gethard Show." Then again, maybe there's room in my life for more than one person in a banana costume; I'd like to think that I'm the kind of man who can open his heart to two such individuals. I guess maybe the real winners here are all of us on the Internet, who are finally getting to see some "Gangnam Style"-related content.

Which of these two timely "Gangnam Style" gooves do you find most appealing? Please inform us in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook. Whichever version you decide, you must choose one; as Dante once famously wrote, "The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain your neutrality."

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