Is it time to shut down Aaron Rodgers for the rest of the season? | You Pod To Win The Game

Yahoo Sports Senior NFL Writer Charles Robinson and NFL Writer Frank Schwab discuss the Green Bay Packers loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football, and debate if the Packers should shut down Aaron Rodgers for the rest of the season to give Jordan Love some playing time.

Video Transcript


CHARLES ROBINSON: We're coming out of Sunday Night Football. Philadelphia Eagles beat the Green Bay Packers in Philly 40-33. Aaron Rodgers suffers an oblique injury.

We see Jordan Love, a little pep in his step replacing Aaron Rodgers. I think it's time for them to sit Rogers for the remainder of the season. What do you think?

FRANK SCHWAB: It's interesting. I understand where you're coming from. At very least, it has to be a few weeks, because if nothing else, in the back of your mind, you want to get a look at Jordan Love, right? Or even showcase him or whatever you want to do.

It's time. It's a good time to get Jordan Love in there. He looked good, threw some nice passes, hit Christian Watson on a stride, on a pass that Watson took all the way up the sideline for a touchdown. You got the feeling like at the Packers defense could have gotten a stop, but things were going to get really interesting at the end.

So I'm with you, but you know how that's not how it works. There I don't think they're going to convince Aaron Rodgers to sit the rest of the season. I think at some point, he's going to feel better. He's going to want to get back in there.

I don't think they're going to say no to him. I don't think this is a Stafford situation. Matthew Stafford, I do believe, should be shut down, because he suffered two concussions back-to-back. I mean, at that point, OK, now you have to protect him, your future investment. I think if this oblique injury heals for Aaron Rodgers, his thumb is probably going to get better in the meantime too.

I think at that point he does play the final few games. But I do think, you know what? At this point in the season, at this point in his development where, OK Aaron, sit a few weeks. We need to see What Jordan Love's got.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah, I mean, I get that rationale and I'm sure you're right about Rodgers, but here's the thing. We watch, as you said, him hit Christian Watson in stride, right? Watch Watson take it to the house. I think the snaps he had after that, he looked, frankly, a little bit better than I expected Jordan Love to look.

I think what's interesting is, if they were to-- Let's say Aaron sits for two weeks, three weeks, right, and Love plays really well. I don't think that fan base is going to buy it. I don't think they'd want to see Aaron Rodgers back in there. I think they're going to say--


CHARLES ROBINSON: --let's rally with the kid. Let's see what he looks like. Everybody wants to know what they have. And potentially setting up an off season where I know Aaron Rodgers because of the contract seems wildly untreatable, which is true, if Aaron Rodgers is not willing to work with the situation.

I think if he's willing to work with the situation, that entire financial mess can be altered and make him a trade-able player. We'll see, ultimately, what happens with Rodgers. I mean, we've got to find out--

FRANK SCHWAB: But, real quick, Charles, what do you think these next few weeks will say about his future? I mean, are we saying, if they sit him the rest of the time, then it's just, OK, we've kind of moved on and we want to turn the page if we're available to that? If Jordan Love ball's out, obviously that probably changes the math. How do you view the rest of the season for the Packers and their decisions they're going to make with his playing time vis-á-vis what they're going to do in the 2023 offseason?

CHARLES ROBINSON: I actually think this is an opportunity, because I think the Packers, they still want to get a look at Jordan Love. And if you're out of the playoff race, which effectively you are, you're done, you're toast. This is the point where the front office would normally say, jeez, let's play some of the young guys.

Let's start to get a look at some of the pieces, including maybe at quarterback. But because it's Aaron, if it's a healthy Aaron, you're probably like, we can't do that. We're screwed. We're in this situation where he's not going to accept it. Now--

FRANK SCHWAB: Yeah and I don't think Aaron is the guy to be like, yeah, you're right, just play Jordan.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah. Let's go ahead and I'll let you go ahead and affect my future the way I affected Brett Favre's future when I got my opportunity. And I know it was funny because I saw all these tweets about 2007 November, it was like the same date within days against the one loss NFC team Brett Favre gets hurt, Aaron Rodgers goes in.

FRANK SCHWAB: That's awesome. That game too, yeah.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah, and I mean, look, the way Love played, I was like, hmm, if I was the front office, I'd want to see a little more of this right now.

FRANK SCHWAB: Yeah, absolutely. It's going to be really interesting. I mean, Aaron Rodgers is always interesting and this whole dance they've had between, is he could be back? Oh yeah, he's going to be back.

And we'll just see because I think, yeah, there's a lot more to be said about this story for the rest of the Packers season. Suddenly, and strangely enough, they've become kind of relevant the rest of the season. I wasn't going to watch the Packers anymore, but Jordan Love in there? Yeah, I'm a little bit interested.