Timberwolves fans burn Kevin Love jerseys — 'Minnesota nice style' (Video)

Ever since Kevin Love made his intention to opt out of the final year of his current contract clear — in essence forcing the trade that sent him to the Cavaliers on Thursday — Minnesota-based comedian Mike Brody has pulled no punches aimed at the four-time NBA All-Star.

But when news finally broke that the Timberwolves agreed to a deal for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett (or Thaddeus Young) and a first-round pick in exchange for Love, Brody offered instead a video parodying Cleveland's LeBron James-jersey-burning ways back in 2010 — "Minnesota nice style."

My personal favorite lines from a video that's worth watching until the end — and not only for the parting shot at Tom Gugliotta — is definitely, "We have a men's basketball team here?" but I also enjoyed, "Leaving is the most Minnesota thing Kevin Love can do," and, "Leave Kevin Garnett alone." Good times.

While the video ends with a series of classy, "Good luck, Kevin," sendoffs, make no mistake: Mike Brody may have been joking about burning a No. 42 jersey, but the comedian is not pleased with how Love left. To get you up to speed on both Brody's comedic stylings and NBA perspective, here are two samples from a June 13 post titled, "Kevin Love Wants Out Of Minnesota," on his entertaining T-Wolves fan blog.

What ever happened to CREATING a winning environment? Whatever happened to being an inspiration to win? Whatever happened to making everyone and everything around you rise to that level? I am no professional athlete. I honestly can’t even touch my toes. Every time my dog comes near me she sticks her nose down my belly button like there might be a sandwich in there. There probably is. But I simply don’t understand this post-Jordan culture of “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Of jumping ship the minute you’re dissatisfied. You are not a winner if you leave a losing situation that you were the main cog of just to go to a place that is already winning. That makes you a Benedict Arnold. It makes you the guy from the Goonies in the Matrix who just wants a steak. Even worse, it makes you Dwight Howard.

So go on, get gone. Find your #1, Mr. #2. Go be the Kelly Rowland to someone’s Beyoncé. The Bumblebee to someone’s Optimus Prime. The Mike Love to someone else’s Brian Wilson.

Harsh. And not wrong. Considering, as Brody notes, the T-Wolves won 40 games and came within four points of winning another baker's dozen in the first season the franchise was freed from David Khan's wrath, they arguably could have contended for a playoff spot with Love this season.

It's hard not to feel for Timberwolves fans, particularly after they watched the last superstar to leave town win a title in Boston the very next season. In that same blog post, Brody summed up a harsh reality that Minnesotans have come to face each winter: "What’s the worst that’ll happen to the Timberwolves without him? We STILL don’t make the playoffs? That’s called Tuesday here in Minnesota."

At least the 'Wolves faithful have reason to be hopeful for the future with Wiggins, the No. 1 overall pick in a loaded draft this past June. As colleague Dan Devine pointed out in his fantastic trade analysis, "Ricky Rubio running breaks with Wiggins and noted astronaut/fellow rookie Zach LaVine on the wings? Yes, please." Although, based on Brody's own live-tweeting of the draft, he may not be so optimistic.

The good people of Minnesota — save for maybe Lester Nygaaard and Lorne Malvo — deserve a winner, so here's hoping Wiggins delivers them one. And, who knows, maybe Love will come home one day, too.

 (h/t r/NBA)

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