Tim Tebow preps for Mets spring training after cancelation of minor league season

Ryan Morik
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304485112 Tebow Spring Training
304485112 Tebow Spring Training

Tim Tebow still has goals of playing at Citi Field.

He signed with the club during Sandy Alderson's first regime. With Alderson back as the team president, Tebow is gearing up for spring training in February.

But with the 2020 minor league season being canceled due to the coronavirus and having not played in a regular-season game since July 2019, it won't be easy.

“There have definitely been some setbacks with it from two years ago when I was having what I thought was my best season,” Tebow told MLB.com's Anthony DiComo, referring to his All-Star 2018 season with Double-A Binghamton. "Definitely disappointing this year with COVID, but … I’m such a believer that in some areas of my life, every setback has been an opportunity for a setup for something different and unique that I have planned. All these have been pieces of setbacks, but I think I’ve also learned from them, adapted and grown.”

Tebow, 33, has started to think about life after baseball -- while it is "still in [his] heart today," it is not something he wants to do "forever."

"There’s a lot of other things that are in my heart that I want to pursue," the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner added. "There are a lot of things that I have weighed and am weighing [in my life]. We’re trying to rescue as many trafficked survivors as possible. We’re trying to get Night to Shine in every country in the world. We’re trying to push a lot of things that I'm super passionate about that mean so much to me, and so there’s a balance of pursuing a sport that I love… versus also pursuing other passions in my life.”

Tebow's last real action in baseball saw him hit .163/.240/.255 with four home runs and 19 RBI in 77 games with Triple-A Syracuse in 2019. Assuming Tebow plays in the 2021 minor league campaign, it will be 21 months since Tebow last played a regular-season game.