Tim Duncan proves great sense of humor, sees Carrot Top live

Throughout his 14-year NBA career, Tim Duncan has been criticized for being an all-time great player without the personality to act as an especially good ambassador for the league. For all his on-court brilliance, he's never had great crossover appeal to the greater culture.

However, behind the scenes, many observers have raved over Duncan's great sense of humor. Just get to know him, they say, and you'll be impressed by how funny and engaging he can be.

To prove that, Duncan took in a show from one of America's greatest comedians on a trip to Las Vegas. From Tim Griffin for Spurs Nation (via TBJ):

The esteemed Las Vegas gossip columnist Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Spurs All-Star forward caught the action of the Jabbawockeez show Friday night at the Monte Carlo Hotel.

Earlier in the week, Duncan watched Carrot Top's performance at the Luxor Hotel. Carrot Top has morphed into this generation's version of legendary comedian Rip Taylor. "The Top's" act consistes of utilizing props such as specially built objects, such as a miniature grandfather clock necklace he used to poke fun at Flavor Flav's age.

I'll have to ask Duncan what he thought of "The Top" the next time I see him. But knowing Duncan, I would think he would appreciate his style of humor.

Whoa, people weren't kidding when they said Duncan loves a good zing. Over more than a decade, Carrot Top, a man once referred to by Norm Macdonald as "box-office poison," has wowed audiences with his innovative prop-based comedy, much of which has been sports-related. Here's hoping he got word of TD's attendance before the show and came up with some new jokes just for the man they call "Merlin," like a basketball with a protractor attached.

If we're lucky, Duncan picked up a few comedy tips at the show and will bring what he learned to the Spurs' locker room next season. Tony Parker's going to love the basketball that sprays cologne on the man who holds it. Because French people smell bad!

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