Tim Duncan missed Sunday night’s Spurs game because he’s ‘old,’ officially

For a team so bent on staid traditions and super-boring wins after wins after wins for decades, those San Antonio Spurs sure do boast a good dry sense of humor. The NBA's brand of Dick Cavett tipped off an entire season with a ha-ha Hack-a-Shaq, and they've made a point to poke fun at former Spurs Brent Barry and Robert Horry when those sturdy veterans needed a night off from the grind of the 82-game season. Stuck in the middle of a quick fire 66-game season, with little room for old legs to recover, playing in the last of a back-to-back-to-back three-day run, the Spurs rested Tim Duncan in the team's 93-76 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday night. The reason? He's old.

They admitted as much, though. Which is why the San Antonio Spurs, and more prominently coach Gregg Popovich, are hilarious. Take a look at the lineup, and injury descriptions, that Coach Pop submitted on Sunday night:

Take a closer look:

Then take a look at yourself. Because every day spent living is another day shifted closer to dying. Because we're all getting older.

(Cold water.)

Of course, Coach Pop's good cheer only lasted so long. The sitting Duncan received his third technical of the year in San Antonio's win. And giving up one point to the 76ers in a 17-point win apparently raised Pop's ire. From The San Antonio Express-News' Jeff McDonald:

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