Tim Allen and Jay Leno Drift-Race Each Other in Electric Cars

Superfan TV

Every season of Jay Leno's Garage has featured a competition between Jay Leno and his "nemesis" Tim Allen. Both gentlemen are stand-up comedians, both had incredibly successful careers on television, and both are completely obsessed with automobiles.

The two arrived at the track in Nissan GT-R's, but soon found out they would be driving something much slower. Under the tutelage of drifting legend Chris Forsberg, the two were tasked with drifting a 2017 Nissan Leaf, which came equipped with easy-drift rear tires.

The combination of a front wheel drive car coupled with lack of experience left the heavy-footed comedians doing donuts on the track. While Leno was driving, Allen heckled him on the radio saying "My kid's cat could drive faster than this and that cat is dead."

Surprisingly, both comedians completed the course in 56 seconds. So that makes three seasons in a row in which they haven't settled who the better driver is.

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