TikTok's latest viral dance is for besties only

An audio clip created by an unknown user has sparked a new dance challenge. The "go best friend" sound is pretty much the hype man to any friendship. Now dancing TikTokers are using it as the perfect mood to go HAM with their BFFs. It's really the sound's lyrics that have made it a viral hit. The words are simple but to the point, "Go best friend, go best friend, f*** it up, aaah, f*** it up" . There are currently over 250,000 videos associated with the sound. Unlike most dance challenges there are no specific dance moves associated with the trend. Typically, a user just choreographs their own number and does it with a friend. TikToker @analisseworld danced in perfect unison with her bestie to the song. McKenzi Brooke used the sound to get her friend energized until she finally joined in on the fun