TikTokers are using a popular skincare product on their hair — and it seems to be working

A popular skin care ingredient has gone viral on TikTok thanks to its hair benefits. Beauty TikTok is ripe with quick fixes and hacks that sometimes work and sometimes flop. Now people are singing the praises of using hyaluronic acid to restore their damaged hair. if you're trying to keep your hair hydrated adding the ingredient into your regimen may help. Luckily, if you feel like experimenting, hyaluronic acid is pretty affordable. TikToker Katilyn Boyer used The Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid Serum and recorded her results. The result spoke for itself. The ends of her hair went from looking a bit dehydrated to appearing sleek, shiny and healthy. Dermatologist Dr. Shah confirmed Boyer's theory that hyaluronic acid can help the hair. "This hack is particularly good for people with dry or damaged hair and it's safe for color-treated hair," Dr. Shah said. TikToker @veexbby3 used hyaluronic acid on her bleached and dyed hair and it transformed in just seven days