TikToker reveals the true meaning behind his now-viral face tattoo: 'So here it is'

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TikTokers are sharing their most “meaningless tattoos” that go against the dated belief that all ink needs to have some sort of greater importance — and the results are simply stunning.

The trend started when user @pigeonsandfries posted a now-viral TikTok, in which he said: “Growing up I was always told that tattoos should have meanings, so stitch this and show me your most meaningless tattoo.”

He then revealed his own contribution to the trend — a small, black line tattoo across the bridge of his nose.

“I get asked what it means, it doesn’t have one,” he explained. “I used to draw it there with eyeliner and I liked it, so here it is.”

Other TikTokers came out to play, showing their own “meaningless” tattoos — like user Preston Davis (@slimdavie), who revealed his knee tattoos, which include the words “above knee” and “bologna” (i.e. “below knee”) in the exact locations you’d expect them to be.

TikToker Jenna Bothun (@jennabothun) replied to the trend with images of her jellyfish arm tattoo, which, while it may lack deeper meaning, did certainly come with a story.

“I sat [at the tattoo parlor] for two and a half hours, nobody acknowledged me, I had an appointment,” she shared. “I was livid!”

However, Bothun noted that she does get a ton of comments on the ink, adding that people “love” it.

TikToker Jessica Dempsey (@babyyspoons) shared the king of all “meaningless” tattoos — her block of cheese ink, with the words “never say when” over it, as an artful nod to the Olive Garden.

And as a glorious honorable mention moment — TikTok user @vedaclark shared that she has the word “beans” tattooed in a lovely, delicate font on her forearm for no reason whatsoever.

As one user commented on the original stitch video — “people forget that ‘because I like it’ is a meaning.”

“I’m a huge believer of tattoos don’t have to mean anything,” commented another. “If it looks good it looks good.”

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