TikTokers are poking fun at a money lawyer's ultra-viral hacks

A finance lawyer has become a TikTok icon thanks to her cheeky catchphrase. Erika Kullberg is social media's resident "money lawyer" bestowing her knowledge about personal finance to the masses. People rush to her page where she shares hidden loopholes on how to get free products, refunds and exchanges by reading the fine print. In one viral skit, Kullberg explained how if your AirPods are stolen, you can get new ones for free. When the fictional Apple worker told her that Apple Care doesn't cover stolen Airpods, she whipped out her catchphrase. "Shh, they don't know this hack. Watch this," Kullberg whispered to the camera. "Actually I read the terms of my credit card benefits. Since I purchased the AirPods with my credit card, it includes theft protection" . TikTokers have now turned Kullberg breaking the fourth wall to say, "Ssh, they don't know this hack. Watch this," into a meme. TikToker @erikaxpriscilla did a sketch where a clothing store worker refused to let her into a changing room with more than five items. "Shh, she doesn't know I know this hack," @erikaxpriscilla said to the camera before telling the worker, "Um, I will punch you in the throat"