TikTokers love these no-bake desserts

If you want to enjoy a sweet treat without heating up your home, try out these 5 amazing no-bake desserts on TikTok. These 3-ingredient Oreo cheesecake truffles pack a big punch. Just crumble up your Oreos and mix them into the cream cheese until it resembles a dough. Then roll the mixture into several tiny balls, and freeze them for about 15 minutes. These layered granola and berries frozen yogurt bars have it all: a crunchy granola base, a juicy layer of berries, and a creamy blanket of yogurt. This mango cheesecake dessert puts a tangy twist on the traditional cheesecake by adding mango purée to the cheesecake mixture. These delicious no-bake vegan cookies are made by tossing a peanut butter chocolate mixture together with some quick oats to make a nice, textured dough. Making this simple, light matcha crepe cake is a cinch. The filmer makes crepes as usual but adds some matcha powder to the batter. she then stacks them with layers of matcha cream— which is just whipped cream with matcha— between each one