TikTokers left disturbed by dog's apparent interaction with ghost

TikToker Kimberly Rhoades believes a ghost may be haunting her basement — and it seems her dog, Daisy, can sense him, too. Since November 2020, Rhoades has been uploading videos of the ghost — whom she has named Jerry —. banging on pipes, messing with appliances and generally just causing chaos in the basement where he seems to reside. Rhoades loves to joke around with Jerry and make fake sketches about him, but some of her videos are actually pretty terrifying. In one video, her washing machine closes on its own. In her most recent video, Daisy is seen in the basement with some of her toys. “Are you guys playing with your toys? Daisy, that’s so cute.” As she says this, one of the toys inexplicably starts making noise. Naturally, TikTok users were freaked out by the whole ordeal. Though Rhoades does believe her basement is haunted, many people might be relieved to hear that this particular video was scripted. she also said that she doesn’t let her dog hang out in the basement with the poltergeist