TikTokers are flexing their creativity for the new 'Adult Swim' trend

People are embracing the absurd for the extremely random "Adult Swim" TikTok trend. Late at night Cartoon Network switches over to The content block is known as Adult Swim. people have latched onto an unusual feature of Adult Swim: its bumpers. The TikTok trend has people recreating their own Adult Swim bumpers for fun. Bumpers are short clips shown before and after each commercial break. The bumps typically feature the Adult Swim logo and are a way of introducing a show while reminding audiences which content block they're watching. If you've seen a video tagged "AS" on TikTok, it likely refers to "Adult Swim." The #as hashtag currently has 1.2 billion views. TikToker @mallllllen used the hashtag for her bump. She showed footage of clothing piles strewn across the floor. "You have 'nothing' to wear... then don't wear anything at all," she captioned the video. The clip received over 5.2 million views on TikTok. "This is my favorite so far," a user wrote. "I rewatched this so many times," another said