Gen Z's defining style trend for summer 2021 finally has a name: 'Who doesn’t want to be that girl?'

As we leave pandemic protocols behind and enter Shot Girl Summer, what on earth are we going to wear?

Never fear, there’s an aesthetic for everything. This summer’s it-style is called “Coconut Girl.”

The trend, like so many others, originated on TikTok.

it’s all about the tropical, beach-y look — hibiscus print, Hawaiian shirts, seashells, light hair, surf-inspired graphics and crochet details. Coconut Girls look like they live on the beach, or like they just walked off the set of the 2006 mermaid movie Aquamarine.

It’s sort of a mix between the Y2K resurgence that’s been building up over the past year mixed with the VSCO Girl aesthetic that blew up two summers ago. It draws influence from throwback surf brands like Roxy, Billabong and Delia*s, plus coastal shows and movies like Zoey 101, The O.C. and Blue Crush.

Carrera Kurnik, director of culture and consumer insights at trend forecasting agency Fashion Snoops, told Nylon that Coconut Girl is a “product of post-COVID dreaming and youthful summer optimism.”

“After all, who doesn’t want to be that girl with the coconut, smiling for pictures on a tropical vacation?” she said.“ The Coconut Girl aesthetic borrows heavily from Y2K nostalgia and is a flirty mix of maximalist pastels and youthful tackiness. Compared to more dystopian aesthetics like punk, e-girl, goth and grunge fairy, Coconut Girl is carefree, naive, and optimistic.”

According to TikTok style trend expert @oldloserinbrooklyn, Coconut Girl is also an offshoot of avant-basic, an unorthodox style that’s been adopted by so many people, it’s no longer radical … but it’s fun, so who cares?

Basically, embrace your freedom to walk freely outside, and make it as bright and in your face as possible and you’ve got the Coconut Girl look down. Being near the ocean also helps.

How to pack the perfect weekender bag:

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