TikTokers demonstrate worst possible 'hitman' fails in latest trend

A new TikTok trend dubbed the “hitman” challenge has users hilariously pretending to be assassins for hire while being awfully horrible at their job. The trend is simple: It involves the user acting as if they’re about to “poison” someone by sprinkling a substance into a drink. The user looks around to make sure no one is looking before dipping their finger into the drink to mix the “poison” . The catch? The user then unknowingly does a “taste test” of the mixture before they fall to the floor and “die”. It’s unclear who actually started the viral challenge, which is dramatically set to the same song that served as the backdrop to the “Renaissance” challenge (“Reflections” by Toshifumi Hinata). Still, TikTokers seem to have gotten a kick out of it, creating their own creative versions of the trend. In one TikTok, for instance, user @brok3boiii tips his cap to hide his face before pouring an unknown substance — presumably salt or sugar — into a glass of water. He then mixes the water with his index finger and tastes it. As he walks away from the camera, he falls to the ground. The amusing stunt has since received over 23.5 million views and a good number of humorous comments