TikToker surprises girlfriend with heartwarming candy-themed proposal: ‘She thought it was actually just a Ring Pop’

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A 21-year-old has plenty of TikTokers in their feelings after sharing a video of his Ring Pop marriage proposal. 

TikTok has long been a home for wild, exciting and surprising proposal clips. In the past, couples have shared how they got engaged with help from service dogs, a huge sign in front of the Eiffel Tower and even an order of biscuits from KFC.

This latest proposal, from user Daimon Lee (@daemxn), was far simpler by comparison. But for many TikTokers, the idea packed a powerful emotional punch. 

“My girlfriend always joked about proposing with a Ring Pop when we were dating,” Lee captioned the video, which now has over 11 million views. 

In the clip, Lee reveals how he hid his real engagement ring inside of a fake Ring Pop candy. He then wrapped the container in a real Ring Pop wrapper, taking the surprise to another level. 

Then, Lee showed how his girlfriend reacted to the proposal. He asked her to marry him in his car, at the drive-in movie theater where they had their first date. She quickly went from confused to overjoyed. 

“She thought it was actually just a Ring Pop,” Lee wrote in his video’s captions

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TikTok users were completely won over by the idea. 

“Omg this is so sweet,” one user wrote.

“This is how to get engaged on a budget,” another added. “It’s not about how much you spend but the meaning of it all.”

“So wholesome,” another wrote

Lee’s proposal drew so much praise that, by popular demand, he even shared a second video — revealing the two have now been legally married. As he explained in that clip, they’ve yet to have a formal ceremony, but they’re clearly enjoying their new life so far. 

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