TikToker slams Washington Post columnist who said Indian food is based on ‘one spice'

The controversy surrounding Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten has officially spilled over to TikTok. Weingarten, a journalist, recently came under fire due to an opinion piece titled “You can’t make me eat these foods”. In it, the writer listed some foods he dislikes — including Indian food, which he described as being “based entirely on one spice” . In a now-viral clip, TikToker Pragadish Kalaivanan (@pragadishkalaivan) pointed out why the column has users “fuming” . Kalaivanan, who is Indian American, points out that curry is just a small portion of the cuisine. Weingarten responded to the backlash with a series of tweets, but overall, Kalaivanan was dissatisfied with Weingarten’s apology