TikToker shares wild story about being catfished by her friend

This TikTok story has everything: Getting stood up at a wedding, a surprise pregnancy and a case of catfishing that would even stun Nev Schulman. Kaelyn Nirmaier shared the story on TikTok as part of the #putafingerdown trend. It starts out seemingly normal enough with, “Put a finger down if your friend was getting married and you didn’t know anyone at the wedding”. Nirmaier then goes into how her bride-to-be friend shared a phone number of another single guy, Tyler, who was also going to be at the wedding . The pair texted for months and got close, but then Tyler didn’t show up to the wedding. “A few more months pass and he ends up getting a girlfriend named Lexi, who he eventually knocks up. [Lexi] starts making his life a living hell,” Nirmaier says in the clip. “You say he needs to leave Lexi for his general health and wellbeing, but he decides that the best course of action is to commit suicide”. Nirmaier explained that she spent years feeling guilty over what happened to Tyler. But then “about 10 years later, you find out that nobody in the story was ever real”. That’s right — Tyler and Lexi were entirely made up. “You were catfished, by your friend who got married,” Nirmaier concluded, putting a finger down