TikToker shares how much money he actually makes: '2022 is the year of transparency'

An influencer shared how much money he made in six weeks through TikTok. Brandon Edelman has over 198,000 followers, with whom he shares funny content and vlogs. He declared that "2022 is the year of transparency" and revealed how much money he makes with his TikTok notoriety. With most people mystified by how content creators earn what can be a ton of money, Edelman's post is a breath of fresh air. "You can make money off TikTok when you hit 10,000 followers, and you can join the Creator Fund," he explained. Edelman said that most of an influencer's potential earnings come from outside revenue. "The bulk of your money will come from brand deals and brand sponsorships". In the past 90 days, Edelman has partnered with the brands Amazon Alexa, MyFaceSocks.com and GoPuff. He also did a dating show with Snackapp called Taste of Love. "Between all these brand partnerships and the TikTok Creator Fund, I made $10,500 in the past month and a half," Edelman said. When someone asked how he was able to snag all of these deals, Edelman responded, "Just being myself and making funny videos"

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