TikToker shares details of most disastrous first date she's ever been on

A TikToker said she hasn’t returned to Taco Bell following a disastrous first date that even Tinder deemed one of its “top 10” worst dates ever. Elyse Myers (@elysemyers) captivated the platform with the story of her most tragic first date ever in a viral video that has racked up over 15.4 million views. “This man messages me out of the blue and he goes, ‘I like your face, let’s go get some food'”. Myers said the man asked her to meet at his house to drive to the restaurant together — a move she admitted should have raised some red flags, but the date progressed. After driving 45 minutes to the man’s house, Myers said the potential suitor claimed he lost his car keys and requested that she drove the two of them to get food. “We end up at a Taco Bell, which is fine. We get to the speaker and he just leans over and goes, ‘I would like 100 hard shell tacos, thank you'”. Myers’ date discovered he had “forgotten” his wallet, leaving Myers to pay for the 100 tacos. The pair then went back to the man’s house, where Myers met his dad, whom he lived with. TikTokers were understandably shocked by the sheer number of red flags presented during one short date. “The fact that it just got worse w every layer u peeled back LMFAOOOOOO,” TikToker Drew Afualo commented