TikToker reveals 'genius' carry-on hack for travelers on a budget

A TikToker shared her tricks for getting around airport rules to sneak in carry-on items. Taylor Watson shared her tips on how to get hats and extra items onto any flight and racked up 4.6 million views on TikTok. "No hat boxes? Use a necklace like this to hang them from your bag," Watson said. She used a gold chain to fasten a sun hat to her carry-on. Then she pinned two more hats onto the first. "Make sure you get a personal item that attaches to your suitcase," she advised. She pulled the handle of her suitcase through a travel bag to combine them. "Wear a crossbody under a hoodie or jacket. They can't ask to check under your clothes after TSA," she said. She concealed a small purse under a baggy sweater and was good to go. "Sometimes we need to save a dollar and this is genius," a user commented. "This is just traveling smart," a person said. But not everyone enjoyed Watson's hacks. Some accused her of taking up extra space that belonged to other passengers