TikToker makes embarrassing discovery after rewatching Live Photo

Did you know that when you take a Live Photo on an iPhone, it records both movement and sound? . Well, until a few days ago, TikTok user Dylan Froom certainly didn’t. On Jan. 29, Froom uploaded a video explaining how he embarrassingly made this discovery. After sending a photo of his puppy to his boyfriend, his boyfriend instructed him to hold down on the photo to watch the Live — all Froom could say in response was “oh my god”. It’s hard to explain what exactly is going on in Froom’s Live Photo. In an effort to instruct his puppy to pose on a pillow, he made a series of indecipherable cooing noises that many have noted sound somewhat like Spongebob. Honestly, anyone with a dog has done the same. Many TikTokers found the Live Photo fail extremely relatable and hilarious