TikToker films local movie theater mishap: 'No way that's legal'

Moviegoers had a laugh when they found out how their local theater really worked. When most people go to the movies, they expect the theater to be using digital copies of releases or even film reels. But TikToker Rachel Moore learned that some movie theaters operate a bit differently. Moore shared footage of her local theater scrolling through Amazon Prime's video section on the big screen. Eventually, the worker just used the search bar to get to Illumination Presents: Dr. Seuss' The Grinch. When the worker tried to play the film, an alert from Amazon appeared that read: . "The maximum number of videos is playing on your account. To watch this video now, stop watching one of the videos playing on your account" . Audible laughter filled the theater as people recognized the familiar notification. But it also meant the theater couldn't play the film because too many other movies were playing. "Movie theaters splitting one subscription just like the rest of us," a user wrote

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