TikToker exposes what McDonald's water allegedly looks like under a microscope

TikToker @closeintel, aka the "Micro Man", is famous for viewing random things from hot dogs to Chick-fil-A under his microscope. In one video, he alleged he picked up a cup of ice water from a local Mickey D's and found all kinds of things inside of it. "Frost on the coverslip from the cold temperature, a microfiber — kind of expected," he said. There was also a lot of "debris" and "microscopic cracks" in the coverslips. When someone asked if this means the water is drinkable or not, the TikToker explained, . "It really depends on location, so it's hard to say... your water may be totally different than mine. But I've heard it's best to just order without ice" . Another user noted that McDonald's likely has filtered water because of how their soda fountain is set up. He replied, "True! it really depends on how clean the individual restaurant keeps their dispensing nozzles. Mold and bacteria can grow if not maintained!". The video racked up 3.2 million views on TikTok

Video Transcript