TikToker explains why Lizzo is a perfect leader for the body acceptance movement

Singer and social media phenom Lizzo has become the unofficial face of the body acceptance movement online. TikToker Jordan Williams, a 22-year-old creative writing teacher and aspiring writer and model from Greensboro, N.C., . took to TikTok on Dec. 15 to share her thoughts on the current direction of the movement, as well as why the Grammy winner is the perfect leader for it. In her video, Williams shared a clip of Lizzo partaking in a recent body acceptance TikTok trend, . where participants showcase their bodies looking “posed” versus “unposed”. in Lizzo’s take on the trend, she showcases her body in its natural state the entire time, effectively turning the concept on its head. Williams explains that by showing her body in its natural state for the entirety of her TikTok, . Lizzo is challenging the very notion that “there’s an imperfect or [a perfect] body at all”. The eloquent explanation was even cosigned by Lizzo, who duetted a video of herself reacting to Williams’ original TikTok