TikToker draws praise with ‘brilliant' bulk order restaurant hack

A new restaurant order hack is going viral on TikTok — and earning plenty of praise from the service industry. The simple, money-saving solution comes courtesy of user Leigh Beez. In a clip that’s already drawn more than 200,000 views, the TikToker explains why you should bulk-order sauce from your favorite restaurants. The simple-but-savvy hack saves money, and helps support local businesses. For example, instead of buying a bottle of salad dressing from the grocery store, why not get it cheaper from your favorite dinner spot?. The clip drew plenty of praise online, especially from restaurant employees. “I’m not gonna lie, as a restaurant employee, this is brilliant,” one user wrote. The TikToker has bought salsa, enchilada sauce, hummus, tzatziki, ramen broth, . pickles, hot sauce, barbecue sauce and ranch dressing from restaurants