TikToker calls out guy who asked her to pay him back after first date

A woman shared a text exchange she had with a former date wherein he asked her to pay him back for their first date since she declined to go on a second one with him. Kyle Estella (@nkesella) said in a TikTok that she drove over an hour to meet up with the guy in September . So when the guy asked her out again, she declined. In a series of texts that Estella shared on TikTok, the date replied, "You never gave me a chance ... Maybe part of that was you never texted me or made the effort". Then, the guy asked Estella to pay him back for the first date. Estella went on to joke "do you take Amex?" but the date was totally serious and asked for Estella's PayPal account. Estella summarized her feelings on the matter in the caption of the TikTok: "I'm so done with dating." Commenters sided with her and couldn't believe the "entitlement". One commenter even proposed that Estella charge the guy for the gas money she spent driving an hour to meet with him