TikToker baffled by meal after allegedly ordering a 'buffalo wrap' in Aruba

A new viral TikTok is changing the way we think of a “buffalo chicken wrap.” The moment comes from a user named Mac (@88mactj). In his clip, he showed what allegedly happened when he ordered a buffalo chicken wrap while on vacation in Aruba. “We ordered a chicken buffalo wrap at our restaurant, and they put actual buffalo wings in the wrap,” Mac claims in his video before devolving into laughter. Sure enough, the video ends as Mac opens his wrap to reveal a collection of bone-in wings — plus some celery and carrots sticks. According to his TikTok page, the order allegedly came from the restaurant at his hotel pool. TikTok users were largely blown away by the bizarre mix-up. “Imagine taking a bite without checking,” one user wrote. Meanwhile, other commenters accused Mac of being rude for calling out his hotel restaurant. However, the TikToker posted a follow-up video, adding more context to the situation. As he claims in the clip, the wrap was not something the restaurant had on its menu. So, through some confusion in the kitchen, Mac ended up getting a wrap filled with a full order of buffalo wings. Mac also added in the comments that he and his group weren’t mad about the order at all. According to the clip, even his waitress thought the mix-up was funny