TikTok users are springing away from their problems in a self-deprecating trend

People are sampling the chorus of, indie darling, Mitski's "Nobody" to quite literally run away from their relationship feelings and problems. In the "Nobody" trend, TikTokers reveal their problems (and icks) in captions juxtaposed against footage of them running to "Nobody" by Mitski. Icks can be best described as unexpected feelings of repulsion toward a romantic partner. They can usually be triggered by general pet peeves or intimacy issues. Mitski sings the word "nobody" five times in the song's chorus, increasing the intensity and emphasis of the word each time. You'll also notice the content creators picking up their paces in time with the song. "When you realize you have to hang out with a boy alone in order to get a boyfriend," influencer Michelle Wozniak said as she sprinted down a dark, empty street as if someone were chasing her. "When they're emotionally available and actually like you back," @m4rvj said, dropping his backpack on the ground and running for his life. "When you realize that relationships require being vulnerable," @aryiaofficial captioned his video. He hightailed it out of his home