TikTok users are freaked out after discovering a ‘scary’ feature inside mansion for sale

A Zillow listing in Cold Spring, Minn. has TikTok users absolutely losing their minds. The four-bedroom house — filled with life-sized stuffed animals — went viral thanks to user Seth Hollingsworth (@seth.hollingsworth). Hollingsworth starts his video by pulling up the Zillow listing. The home, which is now off the market, allegedly listed at close to $1.5 million, according to Hollingsworth’s TikTok. However, it wasn’t the price that took TikTokers by surprise. Instead, it was the presence of countless life-sized animal sculptures — including a giraffe. In addition to several mounted deer, there also seem to be baboon statues, a set of stools shaped like elephant feet and a table built around a replica hippo head. TikTok users were naturally taken aback by the listing. Some compared it to the inside of Bass Pro Shops, or the movie Tarzan. Others said it was flat-out “scary”. “Money can’t buy taste,” one user wrote. “I have so many questions,” another added