TikTok user explains why fat-shaming and 'skinny-shaming' are not the same

TikTok user explains why fat-shaming and 'skinny-shaming' are not the same. TikTok user @umbersaiyan addressed a common dispute on the platform — why "skinny-shaming" is not the same as fat-shaming. "Fat people are denied jobs, proper medical care and health insurance," she said in her viral post. "They're paid less; they don't have equal access to clothing, travel or many public spaces". She said that fatphobia is rooted in anti-Blackness and sexism, whereas shaming thin people is not. Multiple studies support both of those claims. Citing more cultural examples, @umbersaiyan asserted that marketing campaigns never state, "get fat quick" or "finally add those stubborn 30 pounds". in fact, they say the opposite. That is reflective of society's exaltation of thinness. "Show me where all the weight gain industries are. Show me all the damaging messages that say skinny equals unworthy of life or skinny equals ugly," she said. For the most part, commenters agreed with her. "Any shaming is bad, but it's not equal," one user wrote