TikTok user discovers 'scary' abandoned mall in basement of Airbnb

Strange discoveries are nothing new on TikTok, but this latest discovery, from a user named Claire (@claire.scheulin), is on another scale entirely. “POV: Your Airbnb has an abandoned mall in the basement,” Claire wrote in the clip. From there, Claire proceeded to give viewers a brief tour. According to her TikTok account, she was staying in a condo above a now-vacant mall. TikTokers promptly responded by calling the clip “scary” and like “something from a horror film”. “I have chills,” one user wrote. “I’m getting a bad feeling from that place, y’all need to leave,” another added. Many commenters claimed it was likely a hotel in Hollywood, Florida. If so, then it seems possible that both Claire and Josh stayed above the Oceanwalk Mall. The Oceanwalk Mall, now an abandoned “dead mall,” is located right on Hollywood Beach. Despite being permanently closed, the old mall sits beneath a group of still-open condos and rooms