TikTok teens are circulating their Snapchat info in hopes of landing a boyfriend

TikTok teens are sharing their Snapchat information publicly in hopes of getting a boyfriend. Teenage girls on TikTok are stuffing slips of paper or cards with their Snapchat information into pants, shorts . and sometimes underwear in various stores in order to woo a potential boyfriend. girls are dubbing the tactic: “How to get a boyfriend 101”. In one TikTok, user Audrey Quast filmed two friends running around a Dick’s Sporting Goods and sliding pieces of purple and yellow paper into various items. There’s also a caption adding that the paper contains the girls’ Snapchat information. Some of the papers read, “If you’re between 19-25 years old, Snap me!”. Commenters immediately pointed out the many, many cons that outweighed the pros in this scheme. “Embarrassed for ya,” one person added