TikTok star sparks backlash with 'despicable' subway prank

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People will do anything for clout —

even if it means that innocent

people get hurt in the process.

For proof of this, look no

further than TikTok star fckjoshy.

On May 12, the notorious prankster,

who has more than 3.3 million followers.

decided to purposely spill a giant

container of cereal and milk on a subway

train simply so he could film it for a video.

“I accidentally spilled a whole tub of cereal on the

subway today,” fckjoshy says in the video as he “accidentally”

spills a HUGE container of cereal all over the place.

Though fckjoshy thought his video was funny, commenters found it tasteless and selfish — .

especially during a pandemic when essential

workers are already risking their lives to

clean the subway system every night.

“Jesus man this just completely blows,” one

person said. “Be better. You’re splashing people with milk

while they are trying not to get sick. Be better than this".

“This really isn’t funny,” another user added. “It’s just

inconsiderate to the passengers & MTA workers who have

sacrificed themselves going in to work as essential workers".

On Twitter, the MTA weighed in as well.

“A new low: Pulling a prank on essential workers in the

middle of a global pandemic,” the subway system wrote.

“And making essential workers clean up your mess. Despicable".

fckjoshy has yet to comment on the backlash.

hopefully he’s learned his lesson and won’t be

spilling cereal on the subway any time soon

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