TikTok says this is the optimal way to eat cereal

Don’t tell me you’re still eating cereal with a spoon…

Video Transcript

- Since cereal is one of my favorite foods, logically it makes sense that the CrunchCup should be one of my favorite gadgets. Basically with the CrunchCup is meant to do is allow you to have cereal on the go that's not soggy. So on the inner tube in here you can see that there's cereal and then in the body of the container there's milk. And then milk comes out of this spout right here and then the cereal comes out of this.


Allegedly, this gives you perfect proportioned cereal to milk ratio, which is obviously very important when it comes to cereal. A lot of people on TikTok seem to doubt the legitimacy of the CrunchCup and its performance. A lot of people don't believe that this is actually worth buying and don't think that this can work smoothly. Every day I am on a mission to prove TikTok users wrong, so I am going to put the CrunchCup through a series of terrifying tasks to see if it really does hold up.

This is what we're going to be testing. Number one, the one-handed test while carrying an enormous amount of bags and books with one hand. Am I still able to consume my cereal. Number two, the running test. While on a jog, can I still consume the cereal? Very important. And then, finally, the most controversial test of all, the upside down test. While lying upside down on my couch, can I still consume the cereal?

OK, yes, the CrunchCup performed pretty well. It got a two out of three on the tasks, even though I fell up the stairs while doing it.



But I poured milk all down my shirt, all over the couch, all over the carpet for the upside down one.



Maybe you don't drink this upside down. In fact, you know what, the best way to actually consume cereal in a CrunchCup is just by sipping it normally. Anyway, so the CrunchCup, two out of three, pretty good if you're a big cereal lover like me.