TikTok Says This $23 USD Hair Stick Is the Key To Achieving the Classic Slicked-Back Bun

There is nothing chicer and lowkey than a slicked-back bun. The versatile hairstyle can be spotted on a red carpet or during an off-duty errand moment. Iconic hair girls such as Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and many more prove time after time that the hairstyle is a reputable go-to for any occasion. Thanks to TikTok, we've now discovered the exact product all the A-listers alike are using to achieve the coveted, snatched look.

Before we really get into things, we have to disclaim that this look is by no means nothing new under the sun. However, it is a classic and should be discussed at all points. It's such an iconic hairstyle that #slickbun has over 111 million views on TikTok. It's the ultimate "cool girl" style that'll have you in your modelesque bag. The key to nailing this look is the most unexpected hair stick. According to influencers like @morganbcohen, "All the models use this." Meet Tigi Bed Head Hair Stick. The $23 USD tool holds the hair in place more effectively than your favorite hairspray ever could.

Run, don't walk to grab the hottest product on the market from Tigi that has picked up major virality due to it being a go-to for celebs and influencers alike. Thank us later.