TikTok responds to YouTuber's list of first date rules

24-year-old Brooke Miccio says that she feels like a "seasoned pro" when it comes to first dates. that's why she came up with her lengthy list of "rules" that are sending TikTok commenters into a tailspin. The first rule is that Miccio wears heels to every first date to challenge whether the guy is lying about his height . Miccio also says she will show up to the date three to five minutes late to ensure that the man already has a table. Food, however, is a big "no" on the first date. If things don't go well at the beginning, you can get "trapped" until the meal ends if you order food. On the other hand, even if a date is going well, Miccio insists that a good first date shouldn't be longer than two and a half hours. No matter what, the guy must pay and definitely shouldn't try to hold Miccio's hand at any point. For the most part, a lot of commenters sided with Miccio's tips and dubbed them "fair." Others seemed overwhelmed by the number of things to keep in mind