TikTok’s "Red Nails Theory" Trend Is Based off the Male Gaze and Women Are Not Having It

The nail shapes and colors one chooses to wear say a lot about them. From personality, mood and relationship status, nails can be the window to your soul and apparently, TikTok believes this too, but with the focus on red nails — hence, the "red nail theory."

In a viral video, Robyn Delmonte (@GirlBossTown) explains that anytime she gets a red manicure, men in her life quickly compliment her. "They'll be like, oh, I like your nail color. I always thought red was a grandma's nail color. Then it hit me. In the '90s, when we were growing up, women wore red nails a lot, especially our moms,' Robyn exclaims in the clips. #Rednailtheory has amassed over 18 million views and is said to spark the male gaze, as it incites a feeling within men that reminds them of the women in their lives that were in a position to take of them, making it quite the disturbing trend.

As a male beauty editor, I am not in a place to advise women on seeking attention from men, but in good faith, it's imperative to know that the nail color of your choice should satisfy you first and then whomever else afterwards. I am the first to wear a blood-red shade in the cooler months or all year round, but not for the sake of compliments and especially from men, no matter the orientation.

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