This TikTok parent demonstrated her genius step-by-step process for stopping her toddler f

Rachael Rogers (@rachlynnrogers) is a mom who loves sharing parenting videos and advice on TikTok. In one video, Rachael filmed herself diffusing one of her toddler daughter’s tantrums, and shared her method for stopping tantrums before they start. Rachael’s secret? Being a good listener. The video begins with Rachael’s daughter attempting to reach for a smartwatch that sits atop a dresser. When Rachael tells her daughter not to touch the watch, the toddler begins to scream and cry. Immediately, Rachael begins to employ her tantrum diffusion process. First, she kneels down so she can speak to her daughter at eye level. Hearing the calmness in Rachael’s voice, the toddler immediately begins to settle down. She stops crying and grabs Rachael’s hand to bring her over to the smartwatch. In a caption, Rachael explains that the best way to diffuse a tantrum is to “explain the situation clearly and then offer an alternative option that you know they might enjoy”. The video ends with a shot of Rachael and her daughter on a swing set together, both smiling happily at the camera. “Boom! Full-blown tantrum avoided!” Rachael writes in a caption