TikTok is obsessed with giant puffball mushrooms

Foragers and chefs alike can't get enough of giant puffball mushrooms. The aptly-named giant puffball mushroom or Calvatia gigantea is common in Canada and parts of the U.S., like the midwest. the mushrooms can grow from eight to 20 inches wide and can weigh 25 pounds or more. The outside is thick, soft and smooth while the inside has a marshmallow-like texture. The hashtag #puffballmushroom currently has 44 million views while #puffball has 57.1 million views. Now people are experimenting with the polarizing mushroom. Forager Gabrielle Cerberville created a giant puffball mushroom pizza crust by dry-frying a huge slab of the fungus. TikToker Carleigh Bodrug found braising it in butter to be rubbery, but breading it and tossing it with buffalo sauce was declared "puffball perfection"