TikTok mom swears by magnetic baby pajamas

This TikTok mom explains why magnetic closure baby pajamas are a game changer for new parents dealing with frequent diaper changes. New parent and TikToker, Kiana Kahn (@kiana_kahn), says, “Get rid of the pajamas with buttons. Don’t buy them” . She shares that “The amount of tears I shed over those 2am diaper changes when you’re trying to find the buttons and line them up” drove her crazy!. Thankfully, Kiana has found an amazing alternative! In the video, she holds up her absolute favorite find: a pink floral onesie with magnets instead of buttons. She begins to demonstrate how simple it is to close. She lays the pajamas on the bed, “So I have them undone and there are only four magnets.” Almost like magic the magnets start to close by themselves!. “Look at how easy that is! Oh my gosh! Game changed,” said Kiana. Kiana isn’t alone in her magnetic pajama discovery. Fellow magnetic pajama enthusiasts flooded the comments with love. “YES MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE,” wrote one impassioned mom. Magnetic pajama lovers are not alone in their hatred of button-up sleepers. WebMD agrees that clothes should always put safety first so buttons, bows, or ties should be avoided. Their top choices are onesies and sleepers that are easy to put on and take off